In addition to Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services and activities, the church provides childcare service for events, meetings and church related activities.


To help address the work life balance of our ministries, staff, and church members as well as to maximize the cost efficient of child care services, we off Mondays (both day and night) as the suggested and regularly dedicated occasions for church meetings requiring childcare services. It is strongly encouraged that you schedule meetings to occur on Monday's as much as possible.


Childcare services for Monday meetings or any other occasion throughout the week do require a reservation. Reservations for childcare services can be made by contacting Brandy Robinson, our Coordinator of Preschool Ministries, at, or call the church office at 423-246-4471.


The Imagination Library partners with parents to spark a child’s fire for reading.  This helps prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond.  Children between birth to age five can be registered for this free-to-the-parent program at


For further details, contact Chris Manley at or anyone on the Children’s Staff.

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