Infants- $205

Toddlers- $205

2's- $200

3's & 4's- $195


Limited part-time care is available only in 2-, 3-, and 4-year-old classes. Annual $55 registration fee for all children applies. Weekly rates subject to change. Call Director Jill T. Rose at 423-224-1527 to set up a personal tour of the Center.


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small child-to-teacher ratios

large gymnasium

multi-level facility

new, up-to-date playground

Kindergarten preparation


The Center is open from 7:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, year round.


Parents are welcomed and encouraged to drop in and visit as frequently as they like.


A coded door maintains security between the office area and the classrooms. Each classroom is equipped with a telephone.


The Child Care Center is governed by the Child Care Center Board. This Board, in accordance with mission and vision of FBSUMC, sets policies and works with the Director in running the Center.


The State of Tennessee licenses the Center. The Center also participates in the Department of Human Services Certificate Program, which helps provide quality childcare for those needing assistance.


“Except for myself, I doubt anyone could have loved and nurtured my child any more!”

“The services here are superior to those provided by others we have dealt with.”

“I feel secure with the teachers.”

“I watched my child grow and mature.”

“I knew when I left her that she would be well cared for and loved.”

“I know she could not have a better start.”

“You are planting spiritual seeds through Christian-focused activities and weekly chapel.”



That all children are capable of learning and making developmental progress, and children naturally are active and eager learners.

That engaging families in the early education of their children is essential to future success in elementary classrooms and later learning.

That high quality early childhood experiences enhance and expand optimal brain development.


As Tennessee moves forward with the Common Core State Standards in Reading/English and Math, the FBS Child Care Center uses the Tennessee Early Learning Development Standards to plan and provide learning experiences for our children. These standards, adopted by the Tennessee State Board of Education, provide a developmental framework that allows our teachers to provide meaningful interactions and activities so our young children can develop to their fullest potential.

For more than 70 years, First Broad Street's Child Care Center has provided nurturing Christ centered care for our community's little ones. Begun in 1945 as a Kindergarten, it is recognized as a premier center for infants and preschoolers in the Kingsport area.



First Broad Street Child Care Center earned the distinction of being a Three Star Child Care Agency in all areas assessed during a recent evaluation by the state of Tennessee.  Star-Quality recognizes child care providers who meet a higher standard of quality.


A team of evaluators assessed the Child Care Center’s program in the areas of  Director’s qualifications, professional staff development, compliance history, parent/family involvement, ratio/group size, staff compensation and program assessment.  Each area was  then graded with one, two or three stars.  First Broad Street Child Care Center earned the distinction of being three stars in all areas that were evaluated.


A center’s star quality rating provides parent with a helpful tool in making informed decisions concerning care for their children.


Toombs Kay, former senior pastor, was quoted in 1990 as saying, “We strive to serve our community’s needs on a daily basis.  Using our facilities every day to provide quality care for children is one of the ways we extend our Christian witness and stewardship.”


The values of the precious children in First Broad Street Child Care Center are being shaped and the foundation for their future education is being laid in our Child Center. First Broad Street has a marvelous opportunity and an awesome responsibility to minister to these children and their families.


What more important work can the Church be about than providing this kind of nurture for the children of the community?


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