What to Expect

Visiting a church for the first time can be very intimidating: Will I fit in? What should I wear? What kind of music will they play? Where do I park? What should I do with my kids? The fact is, it is never easy visiting a church for the first time. First Broad Street is a place where you don't need to worry about these things, because there is a great place for you to fit in and feel comfortable.

We have a Sunday morning service for you! Whether you appreciate an organ and choir, or you appreciate guitars and drums, we have worship that is tailored to meet every need. We do our very best to create an environment where you will feel the presence of God and you will be able to grow in your faith. We encourage you to dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable. Many people in our traditional services in the Sanctuary are "dressier" than those in our Encounter service in the Fellowship Hall. We sum it up this way- "Don't stress about dress!"

WHere do I park

Since we are a downtown church, parking can be difficult at times. So we have tried to make it as easy as possible. Here is a link to our parking map. Simply stated, parking is mostly behind our two church buildings, which are the furthest two right buildings on Church Circle.

WHERE DO I Enter the church

There are two main entrances to our church. Our Main Entrance through the glass doors leading to the sanctuary- these doors are located directly behind Hamlett-Dobson parking lot. Or you can enter through the Wesley Wing entrance, which is the closest entrance to the intersection of Broad Street and Charlemont. Walking underneath the overhang, these doors will give you access to our children's check-in system.