A Call To Prayer for South Sudan

South Sudan is in the midst of chaos and evil.

First Broad Street UMC has been in intentional ministry with the people of South Sudan for years. Our congregation, along with many other in our Holston Annual Conference of the UMC and other United Methodist Annual Conferences have partnered with the United Methodist church in South Sudan to see God take that country for himself. Specifically, the Holston Conference has invested significant resources in the city of Yei, as we have built churches, orphanages, and schools (most recently being the United Methodist School in Giru (outside of Yei), South Sudan, of which First Broad Street raised over $200,000 to support in 2014). Yei is southwest of Juba, the capital city, and is an important crossroads for the southwest of the country. The violence that has erupted over the past weeks is some of the worst that the war-torn country has seen. Famine is at the door, ethnic cleansing is taking place, families are having to escape to the bush to survive, and many have fled the country as refugees. Yet, the church is strong. Many of those in ministry with the United Methodist Church in the region have sent their families ahead of themselves to the safety of neighboring countries, so that they can continue the work of the church. Daily these individuals, some of whom have been to First Broad Street UMC to share about the ministry there, are hearing gunfire day and night. The situation is bleak and we do not yet know what the response of the church should be. Yet, the response that all of us can give is interceding on behalf of those that are in this situation.

Would you stop for a moment today and offer a prayer for the people of South Sudan? Would you pray for the church that continues to be the light in the midst of the darkness? Would you pray specifically for children of South Sudan? That as they go through this horror, that they would be loved through it. Would you pray for our government as they meet with over eight African countries this Monday to figure out an appropriate government response? Would you pray, most of all, that somehow through this darkness and through this pain, that God would raise up leaders, that will bring about the Kingdom of Heaven in South Sudan?