Jesus: Madman, Myth, or Messiah 

Is there evidence that Jesus existed? Aren’t his miracles the fabrications of the early church? Did he die a disillusioned zealot? How does his death “save” anyone? No one has had a greater impact upon history, yet Jesus remains an enigma. Skeptics question whether he ever lived. Christianity affirms that he was the divine Son of God, yet others believe he was merely a man. Many have questions. For five weeks we’ll consider the claims of early Christians, listen to the questions raised by earnest skeptics, and seek to understand who the Jesus of history really was.


Part One 

January 7th, 2018



Part two

January 14th, 2018


Part Three

January 21th, 2018


Part Four 

January 28th, 2018


Part Five 

February 4th, 2018