First Broad Street UMC has a vision of "discipleship that transforms every person into fully devoted and contagious followers of Jesus Christ."  We believe our toolkit will help all those who come in contact with First Broad Street to do just that.  The Discipleship Transformation Toolkit has three core areas:

1. Intentional Spiritual Rhythm  2. Life Group Accountability  3. Logos Study Curriculum


Spiritual Rhythm is something we all have whether we realize it or not. We “pencil in” our important appointments on our schedules, but do we set aside specific times in our days, weeks, or months that are for God? Our toolkit provides spiritual rhythm models to help us find a good fit for intentionally marking time that is set apart for prayer, scripture reading, and more.

Grow45 Discipleship Tool


FBS continues to offer Grow45 as one of the many tools in our Discipleship Toolkit. This is a 9 week process that adds the 9 spiritual disciplines alongside their matching spiritual fruit in 5 minute increments each week for a total of 45 minutes a day. For more information contact Rev. Misti McCreary at 423-224-1517.


Life Groups are a special type of small group that gather in a host home with a meal. These groups grow up to 12 people before “closing.” This is not to be exclusive, but to foster a safe place for people to share the hardest parts of their walk with God.  Life Groups have proven to be an incredible tool for discipleship in all age groups.  New Life Groups are starting up throughout the year, and we already have more than 200 people meeting together each week in homes around Kingsport!  If anyone wishes to join a Life Group and current groups are full, a new one will start in order to meet the need.  If you would like to join a Life Group or feel called to host one, please contact Retta Overturf at 423-378-4245.


We want to be sure to point out that our Sunday school classes and other small groups are unique at First Broad Street because they more closely resemble Life Groups than at most churches. Our small groups have certainly developed our church in a wonderful and worshipful way.  We will continue to support and do whatever we can to lift up our existing groups who have served our church so well.  Life Groups are just another option for people who don’t feel comfortable joining into a long-established group or who like the smallness and closeness of a Life Group.


The primary purpose of life groups is faith formation and making disciples of Jesus Christ.   In long-term life groups, members meet regularly for study, prayer, fellowship and food.


What takes place in life groups that promotes spiritual growth?  Members engage in…….


Study and discussion

Sharing and prayer

Support and accountability

And fun, fellowship…and food


And what happens to the members of the group?  They develop…


A sense of meaning and belonging

A feeling of trust and intimacy

A spirit of community to each other

And a deepening of their faith


Our Logos Study curriculum is a suggested set of books or studies that helps broaden our knowledge about God and about how He interacts with the world through culture.


There are six areas of growth that we want to encourage the congregation to pick studies out of, including the following:


Christianity – What makes us Christian and why we believe what we believe

Methodism – What makes us unique as Methodists

Exploration – How we fit into the bigger picture

Biblical Narrative – The Biblical story is our story

Cultural Narrative – How does God reveal Himself through culture

Hospitality – Serving like Jesus so that people ask why we are different


If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Misti McCreary at mmccreary@fbsumc.org or 423-224-1517.

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