Our church wants to make sure that you know about what's happening in the life of our community. We have two main sources of communication; our weekly FBS Happenings which is emailed every Friday, and our monthly FBS Newsletter which is emailed every month, unless you do not have email access, in which case we can physically mail you a copy.


If you do not have an email, please contact the church at 423-246-4471 and ask for our communications department

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Did you accidentally unsubscribe? or not respond to the invitation email in time?


Send an email to the iContact Deliverability Team at from the same email address that you want to be added back on our list. Include the following information with your request: FBSUMC's account number, 1332140, business name "First Broad Street UMC," and the exact list name(s) to which you want to be added (e.g. "FBS happenings," "Monthly Newsletter"). iContact will be able to respond to you within 8 business hours.




On Sunday mornings, it is the intent of First Broad Street UMC to hold regular worship services.  We encourage everyone to exercise sound judgment and not venture out if they cannot do so safely.  Check this page of the website for updated information regarding worship services.


Wednesday Night Live suppers and programs will be cancelled if the Kingsport City Schools are closed early for inclement weather.  For other activities and meetings, cancellation will be decided by the person in charge and every effort will be made to notify all participants.  You may also call the church at 246-4471 and go to Voice Mail Box 8 for a message regarding cancellations.

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