Caring Matters

Trauma Informed Care Training

November 1, 2018

6 – 8:30 p.m.

Trauma Informed Care training can have significant positive impact on congregations and church leaders throughout our region. It offers insight and communication tools to parents, teachers of children and youth, and anyone interacting with someone experiencing times of personal or family stress and trauma. That would be all of us at one time or another!

Valuable insights to be learned from Trauma Informed Care training:

  • How to better empathize with others in the midst or aftermath of a traumatic situation, including addictions.

  •   What to say and what not to say to foster a safe and non-judgmental environment for relationships to form and flourish.

  •   All healing happens in relationship.  What better group than the church to offer God’s love and healing to all in need of care? Being “trauma informed” makes this more successful.

  •   All of us are a composite of our life experiences.  Our reactions to traumatic events are a result of the lens of our past experiences. “We don’t see things as they are.  We see things as WE are.” 

Individual trauma results from an event, a series of events, or set of circumstances experienced by an individual that are physically or emotionally harmful or life threatening and that have lasting adverse effects on the individual’s functioning and mental, physical, social, emotional, or spiritual well being. These events may include abuse such as emotional and/or physical, sexual, and/or domestic abuse. Other events that lead to trauma include loss of loved one of friend, neglect, natural disaster, while chronic stressors also lead to trauma; stressors such as poverty, racism, family issues, etc. 

This Trauma Informed Care Training Event is available and designed for all who work with and care for children and families who experience episodes of trauma and periods of stress in their lives. It is a wonderful opportunity for schoolteachers, church staff and/or pastors, community leaders, and even parents with children and family struggling with the negative effects of stress and trauma. 

This event is free of charge and open to the public.  For more information or to register, please call 423-224-1531.