Student Ministries (6-12)

Our number one Mission is to help middle and high school students grow a deeper, richer relationship with God through our many Ministries. We are an active group, passionate about reaching others with the Message of Christ’s love and peace.

Weekly Schedule (During School Year):

  • Sunday from 9:30 to 10:45 a.m. – Confirmation/6th grade – Room 309 | 7th & 8th Middle School – Room 304 | 9th – 12th High School – Room 305  (6th graders learn what it means to follow Christ and accept His love; 7-8th graders dive into the Bible to learn what it means to be a disciple of Christ; and 9-12th graders gather to worship and hear life-applicable messages meant to help them grow as disciples.)
  • Wednesday: Amp (6th – 12th) – See below for details
  • Thursday: Bible Study at Dobyns-Bennett during the 12:45 block of Tribe Time

First Broad Street UMC’s Wednesday night Student Ministries program is called Amp. An “amp” takes a small sound, like a voice, and strengthens it so that everyone near can hear it clearly. On Wednesday nights, our 6th-12th graders will gather together to Love God (through worship and teaching), Grow Together (through games, fellowship, and Christ-centered conversation) and Reach Out (by providing a non-threatening place for students to get connected with FBSUMC).

6:00 to 7:30 p.m. Middle School Amp and Small Groups in Room 305 (6-8th graders gather to worship and hear life-applicable messages meant to help them grow as disciples.)

6:00 to 7:30 p.m.  High School Small Groups in Room 304 (9-12th graders meet together to share in fellowship and conversation as they practice Christian-community.)

Weekly Ministries Changes During the Fall

This fall we're changing up the way things look throughout the week, especially for High Schoolers. Instead of the high schoolers meeting for Amp on Wednesday nights, the Large group portion will meet during Sunday School and Small Groups will begin meeting on Wednesday evenings. The hope is that this will give the Small Groups more independence and freedom to meet longer and do more as our students practice Christian community together.

  • Sundays; 9:30-10:45

    • 6th grade: Confirmation Class
    • 7-8th grade: Sunday School in Middle School Sunday School Room
    • High School: Amp (Large Group: Game, Worship, Lesson)
  • Wednesdays; 6:00-7:30

    • 6-8th Grade: Amp (Large and Small Groups)
    • 9-12th Grade: Small Groups




Reality Show

SESSION:  Week 1


God can use a fractured family.


While we’d all like to picture our families like the ones in sweet, wholesome TV shows, the truth is, most of our families are more likely to be the stars of a reality show! And sometimes we think the dysfunction might disqualify our families from being used by God. But God doesn’t think so. In fact, just as He used one of the most dysfunctional families in the Bible, God can use any fractured family . . . even ours.

TALK ABOUT THIS: It’s easy for teenagers to think their family is the worst or hardest family to be a part of. You might find yourself, too, focusing on the negative. Do yourselves a favor and set aside time one night this week to write down all the things that make your family great, unique, and fun—despite your fractured state.

REMEMBER THIS:  "Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience."
Colossians 3:12 NIV

DO THIS:  MORNING TIME- One morning this week, stick a note on your teenager’s car or in their book bag that says, “I love you, and will always love you—no matter what!”



I took these pics from a few yards away sitting in an open-air vehicle parked at a national park in South Africa. There was no fence or boundary, except the small door of the Land Rover that stopped about waist high. The family of lions who surrounded us appeared to be playful and even a little lazy.

One of my daughters, I won’t say which one, commented “they act just like dogs who want to play.” But the guide warned us that we were in the wild, and these creatures were only “storing their strength for the next kill.” Then he pointed out the dried blood on the top and right side of the male lion’s mane. He further explained that if anyone stepped out of the vehicle, they would definitely die a pretty gruesome and painful death in a matter of seconds. We had already passed a host of springbok skeletons on the way to this spot, so needless to say, no one moved. Simply put, our response was a reflection of what we believed about the lion.

To say it another way, our respect for the lion’s potential had a definite affect on our behavior. That’s why the issue of respect is so important. It affects the way we respond to those around us. If we really believe we are created by God, then it should change how we…

…respond to the state patrolman who is writing our traffic violation.
…treat the person who has a foreign accent at the drive-thru.
…talk about an employer behind his back.
…react to a teacher who disciplined or corrected our child.
…think about the opposite sex.

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Register for Resurrection 2018 - January 19-21, 2018!

One of the greatest weekends in the life of FBS Student Ministries is Resurrection 2018 (January 19-21st) ! It is always an incredible weekend together as we grow closer to one another and as our students are given an incredible opportunity to grow in the faith in Jesus Christ.

In order to get a better idea of how many student will be participating we are changing the way we register for this event. Starting today, there will be three separate periods of registration:

  • Regular Registration: through October 31; $115/student
  • Late Registration: November 1-December 31st; $130/student

All students who require scholarship for this event must have early registered. Unfortunately, we will not be able to scholarship any student who registers after July 30th.

Thank you all for being understanding regarding the changes. These changes help us to keep the cost down for everyone.

You can register by clicking the button below.

Register for Resurrection 2018