Student Ministries (6-12)

Our number one Mission is to help middle and high school students grow a deeper, richer relationship with God through our many Ministries. We are an active group, passionate about reaching others with the Message of Christ’s love and peace.

Weekly Schedule (During School Year):

  • Sunday Mornings at 9:30 – Confirmation/6th grade – Room 309 | 7th & 8th Middle School – Room 303 | 9th – 12th High School – Room 305
  • Wednesday: Amp (6th – 12th) – See below for details
  • Thursday: Bible Study at Dobyns-Bennett during the 12:45 block of Tribe Time

First Broad Street UMC’s Wednesday night Student Ministries program is called Amp. An “amp” takes a small sound, like a voice, and strengthens it so that everyone near can hear it clearly. On Wednesday nights, our 6th-12th graders will gather together to Love God (through worship and teaching), Grow Together (through games, fellowship, and Christ-centered conversation) and Reach Out (by providing a non-threatening place for students to get connected with FBSUMC).

6:15 to 7:15 Middle School Amp

6:45 to 7:45 High School Amp

parent cue.  What we're teaching . . .


SESSION:  Week 2

BOTTOM LINE:  Pay attention to who you're Listening to.


Have you ever had a friend convince you to do something stupid? Maybe it was a goofy prank that didn’t end well or a silly dare that ended up getting you in trouble. Either way, what your friend convinced you to do, didn’t turn out well. And while things like pranks or dares gone wrong aren’t usually that big of a deal, a friend’s bad advice in other areas of life can lead to more serious negative outcomes. The truth is, while your friends may have your best interest at heart, they may not always be the best people to help you make life decisions. Being a good friend doesn’t always mean you give good advice. And when it comes to major life choices, it’s important to make sure you’re listening to someone who is equipped to guide you with the best possible advice. But if that’s not your friends, who is it? How do you find that person? This week we’re looking to Proverbs for more advice from our wise friend, Solomon. His insight will help us see how important it is to find the kind of people who can lead and mentor us through all of life’s choices with wisdom.




April 23: Confirmation Sunday (Baptisms and Confirmation Service)

Confirmation Service - April 23

On April 23rd we will be combining the Encounter and Traditional Services at the 10:45 service to recognize and celebrate the commitment our 6th grade Confirmation Students will be making as they make professions of faith. Please make every effort to attend this service, you will not want to miss it!

Friendship Diner - April 23

On Sunday, April 23d, the High School Students are invited to help serve breakfast at Friendship Diner, located in on the bottom floor of the Woodyard Center (across Watauga St from the church, where the Child Care Center is located). Students will work from 5:30-7:30 am!

April 28-30 - High School Spring Retreat

High School Spring Retreat (April 28-30)

Student Ministry Retreats are some of the most important dates on our calendar! Retreats are an excellent opportunity for our students to get away and rest and relax from the day-to-day stresses and expectations of adolescence. Our students will spend the weekend together growing stronger in their relationship with God through worship and discussion and closer to one another through games, conversations, and community! Your student will leave this weekend with wonderful memories and relationships!

High School (9-12th grades)
•    Carson Springs Camp
•    April 28-30th
•    Depart FBS @ 6:00 pm
•    Return to FBS @ 12:00 pm
•    Registration is due April 23rd
•    Cost per student: $85

Register your student by clicking here!

May 7: Senior Breakfast

June 10-17: High School Mission Trip - John’s Island, SC

John’s Island Mission Trip (June 10-17)

No week throughout the school year compares to what happens during the week of our High School Mission Trip! Through this construction-based mission trip, our students will have the opportunity to grow in their faith, build their relationships with one another and their church family, and to develop a heart of compassion and service. Our hope is that your student will participate in this life-changing week! A few things of note:

  • The deadline to register for the High School Mission Trip to John's Island is April 30. The cost per student is $120.  You can register here!

  • There will be a parent and student meeting on Wednesday, May 10 at 6:00 PM in the High School Sunday School Room.

  • Each student is required to find four sponsors of $25 or more to cover the cost of building materials. There will be a Sponsors Dinner on Wednesday, June 21st at 6:00 in the Fellowship Hall to recognize the part that they play in our week. Please fill out and return this Sponsor and Site Preference Form and return by May 10.

  • If you have not completed a Health and Liability Release Form for the 2016-17 school year, you will need to do so by May 10. We will also need 3 copies of an insurance card (front and back).

We're looking forward to all the ways that God will use our time together to make an impact on our students, leaders, and His world!

July 9-14: Middle School Mission Trip - Southwest VA

Amp and Small Groups This Summer

We're changing things up this summer! Normally we would cancel Amp during the weeks of summer break, but we're going to use this summer for Amp to take over the Sunday School hour!

Starting on May 14, all Middle and High School students will gather in the Big Room (HS Sunday School room) for breakfast, fellowship, games, worship and a life-applicable lesson to help your student grow in their faith in Jesus.

The small group portion of Amp will be moved to Sunday afternoon/evenings. We have a few needs that you can help us cover:
Small Group Leaders: we need people who will meet with our kids throughout the summer months to spend time with them  and guide conversations
Hosts: Plan an evening for our Small Groups. Movie night, hikes, slip and slide kickball! Provide some sort of snack or light supper. Get together with another parent. Help our Small Group Leaders out by coordinating and providing something for our groups to do together.



We’re miles apart connected through cell phones, but the smile I feel in her voice sinks into my bones. With me, through moves across the country, career changes, moments when I was feeling sorry for myself, and times I needed to celebrate, Sibyl always had the words that hit the spot. She’s never shied away from saying what was hard  (she once told me to get off my butt and get started). But her words mattered because they were spoken from someone who knew me and loved me.

We know as adults we need these voices in our lives, but there’s someone who needs them even more: your child.