Student Ministries (6-12)

Our number one Mission is to help middle and high school students grow a deeper, richer relationship with God through our many Ministries. We are an active group, passionate about reaching others with the Message of Christ’s love and peace.

Weekly Schedule (During School Year):

  • Sunday Mornings at 9:30 – Confirmation/6th grade – Room 309 | 7th & 8th Middle School – Room 303 | 9th – 12th High School – Room 305
  • Wednesday: Amp (6th – 12th) – See below for details
  • Thursday: Bible Study at Dobyns-Bennett during the 12:45 block of Tribe Time

First Broad Street UMC’s Wednesday night Student Ministries program is called Amp. An “amp” takes a small sound, like a voice, and strengthens it so that everyone near can hear it clearly. On Wednesday nights, our 6th-12th graders will gather together to Love God (through worship and teaching), Grow Together (through games, fellowship, and Christ-centered conversation) and Reach Out (by providing a non-threatening place for students to get connected with FBSUMC).

6:15 to 7:15 Middle School Amp

6:45 to 7:45 High School Amp




SESSION:  Week 3


God's will for you is to be you and love others.


Have you ever heard someone talk about finding and following God’s will for your life? If you’ve spent much time around church at all, chances are you have! And when you did, you probably found yourself thinking one of two things: What in the world does that even mean? Or, How do I know what God’s will is? Finding and following God’s will seems like one of those things only super-committed Christians or really important church leaders have figured out. But the truth is that God has big things He hopes and wants for all of us, and you don’t have to be a Christian for 10 years or work at a church to figure out what those things are. Because of Jesus, we all not only have the ability to understand what God wants for our lives, but also the power to accomplish it. As we look one more time to the book of Hebrews this week, we’ll see that with Jesus’ help we can access God’s will for our lives and understand how He has uniquely equipped each one of us to live it out every day.

Parent Cue Guide


Summer Small Group Needs

On May 21 we will begin our Summer Small Groups. Each evening our students will meet together on Sundays. As we've done for the past two years, we are asking for each family to help us plan at least one evening this summer . What I need to know is what evening your family would like to host and what the plan is for the evening.
Some examples of what parents have done in the past are:

  • Pool party
  • Hiking
  • Slip and Slide Kickball
  • Movie night
  • Board game night
  • Just Jump
  • River Tubing

We need four parents to host this Sunday! If you don't want to host at our house, you could use the church, Wimberly Woods, or partner with another parent. Providing food is optional!

Summer Mission Trips

High School: John's Island, SC June 10-17

If you have not registered for John's Island, please do so soon! All the students have been assigned their sites (they'll find out when we get down there), and the devotion material is being written.
If your student needs help finding sponsors, this Sunday and the next (21 and 28th) we will have a table set out before and after the 8:30 and 10:45services. If your student wants to help collect money, please let me know by Thursday.
The two links below are copies of the information that was handed out at the Parent Meeting last Wednesday.
Download the John's Island Parent FAQ here.
Download the JI Itenerary here.

Middle School: Saltville, VA; July 9-14

All 6th through 8th graders are invited to participate in the Middle School Mission Trip. No week throughout the school year compares to what happens during the week of our High School Mission Trip! Through this construction-based mission trip, our students will have the opportunity to grow in their faith, build their relationships with one another and their church family, and to develop a heart of compassion and service. Our hope is that your student will participate in this life-changing week! 

You can register here! The cost per student is $75, with each student needing to come up with an additional sponsor of a minimum of $35. The deadline is June 4th.

Register for Middle School Trip here!

Vacation Bible School Help

One June 19-23rd we will be having our VBS for pre-school and elementary children. If your student would like to help engage these in games, worship, crafts, shepherding, (etc,) please let Katie Blalock know!
Email Katie now!



I was the best parent before I had kids. I just knew that I was going to do things differently. I was pretty prideful about it, let’s be real. It would not be my kids watching a video on a phone in the restaurant. It wouldn’t be my kids having a tantrum in public. My kids would eat all their vegetables and be polite, contributing members of the family and society as whole.

I’m still holding onto hope that these things will happen for us.