Student Ministries (6-12)

Our number one Mission is to help middle and high school students grow a deeper, richer relationship with God through our many Ministries. We are an active group, passionate about reaching others with the Message of Christ’s love and peace.

Weekly Schedule (During School Year):

  • Sunday Mornings at 9:30 – Confirmation/6th grade – Room 309 | 7th & 8th Middle School – Room 303 | 9th – 12th High School – Room 305
  • Wednesday: Amp (6th – 12th) – See below for details
  • Thursday: Bible Study at Dobyns-Bennett during the 12:45 block of Tribe Time

First Broad Street UMC’s Wednesday night Student Ministries program is called Amp. An “amp” takes a small sound, like a voice, and strengthens it so that everyone near can hear it clearly. On Wednesday nights, our 6th-12th graders will gather together to Love God (through worship and teaching), Grow Together (through games, fellowship, and Christ-centered conversation) and Reach Out (by providing a non-threatening place for students to get connected with FBSUMC).

6:15 to 7:15 Middle School Amp

6:45 to 7:45 High School Amp




SESSION:  Week 3


If Jesus is the bread of life, then you can be satisfied.


Do you ever wish life felt more like an epic movie? Filled with moments where the hero wins, the guy gets the girl, and everyone rides off into the sunset together? Unfortunately, we all know those moments are usually saved for the big screen. Real life just isn’t jam-packed with those incredible movie moments. Because of that, real life can sometimes feel a little less than exciting—even boring. But what if you didn’t need more of those movie moments in your life to be satisfied? What if you could find fullness and fulfillment in your life during the normal, everyday moments? This week we’ll discover that’s exactly how Jesus wants us to live—fully satisfied no matter where we are in life. And if we can fully embrace who He is, we may just find our everyday lives becoming more epic and exciting than we ever imagined.


Small Groups - July 23

Kristy, Elzear, Darin and Paige Trent's Group

  • TBA

John McCord, Lydia Sabatine, Sam Taylor, and Sophia Baker's Group


MIddle School Boys


Middle School Girls

  • DeNobrigas Hosting
  • Activity and time TBA

 Friendship Diner - July 30

On Sunday Morning all students are invited to help serve at Friendship Dinner in the Woodyard Center, which is our building across Watauga St (where the Child Care Center is located). 

Pre-Register for Resurrection 2018 - January 19-21, 2018!

One of the greatest weekends in the life of FBS Student Ministries is Resurrection 2018 (January 19-21st) ! It is always an incredible weekend together as we grow closer to one another and as our students are given an incredible opportunity to grow in the faith in Jesus Christ.

In order to get a better idea of how many student will be participating we are changing the way we register for this event. Starting today, there will be three separate periods of registration:

  • Early Registration: through July 30; $100/student
  • Regular Registration: July 31- October 31; $115/student
  • Late Registration: November 1-December 31st; $130/student

All students who require scholarship for this event must early register.Unfortunately, we will not be able to scholarship any student who registers after July 30th.

Thank you all for being understanding regarding the changes. These changes help us to keep the cost down for everyone.

You can register by clicking the button below.

Register for Resurrection 2018



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