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We know that when school lets out you start looking around for good things for your kids and youth to be involved in that will keep them engaged in a positive way.  Well look no further than FBS!  Whether your child is Kindergarten through Fifth Grade age and would like to come to Vacation Bible School, or if you have a youth who would like to be a part of fun activities through our AMP program, or if you and your kids want to help out in the community through our food pantry, firewood, or furniture ministries, there is something for everyone at our church.   Check out our Children, Student (Youth), and Mission pages on this site to learn more about these offerings.

Church Circle Celebration of Friendship

The children’s directors from First Presbyterian, First Baptist, and First Broad Street have planned a 100 year celebration for kids and families on June 28 from 6-8 p.m. on the Church Circle.  We’ll have free snow cones and cake and there will be four food trucks there.  We’ll also have yard games; please bring your own lawn chairs. 

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Our church wants to make sure that you know about what's happening in the life of our community. We have two main sources of communication; our weekly FBS Happenings which is emailed every Friday, and our monthly FBS Newsletter which is emailed every month, unless you do not have email access, in which case we can physically mail you a copy. If you do not have an email, please contact the church at 423-246-4471 and ask for our communications department.

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